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Kitchen industry black horse hand electrical research and development of energy saving intelligent fire blast stove
In the household appliance industry growth rate overall slowing environment, the kitchen electric field is still maintaining a relatively steady growth of the development trend.Reporters learned from the 2015 China kitchen electricity peak BBS held not long ago, the kitchen electricity market in the first half of this year reached 35.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 9.9%, but compared with the same period last year, the retail sales growth rate of 12.1% has slowed down, the kitchen electricity industry has entered the new normal of adjustment and transformation and technological innovation and upgrading. 
Gas cookware industry: the battle of big firepower or be about to break out
After investigation, kitchen of fuel gas of consumer of 70% above choose and buy provides can first-selection firepower, what they basically consider is firepower fierce, performance safety, prevent gas to leak to wait.And data of this one investigation makes clear again in hutch report industry, the big firepower that burning gas kitchen provides is the first index that consumer buys a product, also will become the hotspot that burning gas kitchen provides industry to develop.It is known that for a long time, in the gas stove industry, there has always been fire and thermal efficiency cannot be both consumption pain points, especially the fire, is the first pain points, kitchen burning gas in daily cooking, can only let a kitchen fire like quick hold a spoon to make a table of delicious, and can even greater reserves the delicious food and nutrition.
Difficult to break through the gas stove fire is too small a industry, gas cooker industry was also carried out a series of technical innovation and efforts, according to the observation, the industry of kitchen electric enterprise's innovation mainly concentrated in the Angle point adjustment combustion gas cookers ventilation way, change the shape of the burner, the innovation gas cooker panel, fire cover, furnace head material, etc., with vantage shaped, haier eddy current aerobic kitchen burning gas oven, midea in the fire burning stove of enterprises in terms of firepower upgrade have made unremitting efforts to try to big fire for breakthrough to break from the kitchen electric industry, but it seems still not reached the ideal consumer that big fire.
In fact, the consumption pain point is placed in front of us, fuel gas stove industry development inflection point has also appeared, the authoritative experts in the industry said, can be foreseen, large firepower fuel gas stove will be expected to become the new bright spot of the entire kitchen electricity industry and the next round of new growth point, the key is whether the enterprise really master the core technology of fire control.When the industry homogenization competition to a certain situation, the differentiation of the brand enterprise development watershed also slowly appeared, in view of the gas stove with small firepower this industry industry problem, guangdong electric appliance company hand another way to break through the conventional, through years of research and development, subversion to create a fierce intelligent blast stove.Those who have lived in the countryside should have seen it. A wooden hand bellows will be equipped next to the earthen stove in the farmhouse. Its function is to increase the supply of oxygen and increase the firepower by blowing air.When cooking appliances introduce rural people home hand in hand with the drum of bellows principle, creatively applied to gas cooker for the first time on the new product, through the motor drives the fan drum wind, by the CPU chip intelligent control fan speed to adjust firepower, increase oxygen supply, combustion gas, more fully fire very fierce, more energy efficient, less emissions more environmentally friendly.The firepower and thermal efficiency of the hand drum stove have set a new record in the industry, which has attracted extensive attention from the industry peers.
Kitchen industry black horse hand electrical research and development of energy saving intelligent fire blast stove
(rural hand bellows oven)
Electronics research and development department chief introduction, according to guangdong in hand drum wind stove product innovation inspiration is derived from the hand of peasant range and the forge bellows, blower can instantly make the heat load of gas stove products is 5.2 kw, thermal efficiency up to 67%, well above the national standard, ZhiZheng do very large fire, to the family kitchen spoon can achieve high flame and served section and energy conservation, through the test, to burn the same number of litres of water, holding hand drum wind stove 4 minutes to boil in advance.On the market at present the mainstream of the gas stove USES are natural wind of the atmospheric burner, the combustion mode of basic maintained at about 50%, thermal efficiency and hand intelligent blast stove USES computer intelligent control blower, increases oxygen by forcing the blowing air and CPU precise control of the ratio of gas and air, make it within the mixing tube (cavity) fully complete mixing, no longer need the supply of secondary air, flame burning more fully.
Kitchen industry black horse hand electrical research and development of energy saving intelligent fire blast stove
(hand in hand smart stove)
Smart according to understand, in hand drum wind stove products since its debut, has successfully attracted nearly hundred agents joined, franchisees agree that for now gourmet cooking enthusiasts, version, a high flame gas cooker is to meet fire, explosion, slip, fry, boil, fry, cook, stew, braised, cooking delicious, such as basic, intelligent drum wind stove and in hand just fill in the blank, the industry really solves the consumer demand for high flame, stir-fried.Hand drum stove product design principle advanced, intelligent control, practical strong.After nearly six months of market testing, differentiated product innovation has won the majority of consumers praise, broad market prospects.For more details, please click: www.handsoo-group.com.
In recent years, some enterprises in the home appliance industry are engaged in "concept hype" or technology "pseudo-innovation", many concepts are only used for enterprise marketing, so that consumers listen to confused when buying, either on the tall consumers can not understand, or the pseudo-innovation makes consumers feel not practical.Is the breach that gas kitchen provides industry to develop in?What is the essence of product of gas cooker?In fact, it is to constantly provide products or services that truly meet or guide consumers' needs around their pain points.Peng baoquan, chairman of China household electrical appliances business association, believes that holding the hand of intelligent blast stove is a major innovation in the kitchen and sanitary industry, which is in line with the concept of mass entrepreneurship and innovation proposed by premier li keqiang.The future development direction of kitchen electricity is to provide intelligent, efficient, fierce fire, energy saving, environmental protection and safety innovative products that truly meet the needs of consumers.Peng baoquan chairman expresses, hand electric equipment can from consumer demand Angle, through many years of research and development experiment, roll out intelligence blast oven finally, will make the dark horse that kitchen report gas stove provides industry hopefully, hand in hand the advent of intelligence blast oven, will lift a round of firepower to upgrade to compete tide in industry of gas stove.
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