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Service commitment: the service will be available within 24 hours in the central city and reservation service in remote areas

ProductThe whole machine is under warrantyWarranty period for major partsMain partsnote
Gas water heater1 year1 yearMain controller, heat exchanger, igniter, proportional valve
Electric water heater1 year1 yearHeating tube, controller
Disinfection cabinet1 year1 year

smoke lampblack machine1 year3yearThe motor
kitchen1 year1 yearThe ignition assembly

Exchange policy:

1. According to the national "new three guarantees", users can choose to return, replace or repair the machine within 7 days or choose to replace or repair the machine within 15 days if performance failure occurs after purchasing the machine.When consumers apply for return or replacement of goods, the service provider shall determine whether the application submitted by consumers conforms to the condition of return or replacement stipulated in the state three guarantees.In line with the conditions for return, by the service provider to identify the list, the seller is responsible for the user for return and replacement;In case of non-conformance, the service provider shall be responsible for repair and treatment.

2. For those qualified to return the machine, the seller can charge the product depreciation fee in accordance with the national "new three guarantees" regulations, and the specific charging standard shall be subject to the relevant national "new three guarantees" regulations.

3. The period of validity of the three packages after product replacement shall be recalculated from the date of replacement and indicated on the invoice.