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Remarks on main parts during the warranty period

Gas water heater 1 year 1 year main controller, heat exchanger, igniter, proportional valve

Electric water heater 1 year 1 year heating tube, controller

Disinfection cabinet 1 year 1 year

Range hood 1 year 3 years motor

Cooker 1 year 1 year ignition assembly

Exchange policy:

1. According to the national "new three guarantees", users can choose to return, replace or repair the machine within 7 days or choose to replace or repair the machine within 15 days if performance failure occurs after purchasing the machine.When consumers apply for return or replacement of goods, the service provider shall determine whether the application submitted by consumers conforms to the condition of return or replacement stipulated in the state three guarantees.In line with the conditions for return, by the service provider to identify the list, the seller is responsible for the user for return and replacement;In case of non-conformance, the service provider shall be responsible for repair and treatment.

2. For those qualified to return the machine, the seller can charge the product depreciation fee in accordance with the national "new three guarantees" regulations, and the specific charging standard shall be subject to the relevant national "new three guarantees" regulations.

3. The period of validity of the three packages after product replacement shall be recalculated from the date of replacement and indicated on the invoice.

Free warranty:

1. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase.Within the warranty period, the user shall be entitled to free warranty treatment with valid warranty certificates.

2. When the user requests to provide maintenance services with the warranty certificate, he/she shall not refuse maintenance or charge maintenance fees within the warranty period on the grounds that the user fails to insure in time.

3. For the commodity machine sold at a reduced price (the invoice shall prevail), it shall not be returned or replaced, and the parts and appearance of the machine at a reduced price shall not be guaranteed, only the performance failure shall be guaranteed.

4. If the user requests the second transfer, the service fee will be charged according to the charging standard, which is 30 yuan/time (excluding the transportation fee).

5. If additional materials are needed in the mobile phone (for example, the price of the product purchased by the user does not include the material), the corresponding material fee will be charged.

Not under warranty:

1. According to article 17 of the national "provisions on the liability for repair, replacement and return of some commodities", even if the product is within the warranty period, it does not fall within the scope of warranty if it falls into one of the following situations:

1) damages caused by improper use, maintenance and storage of consumers.

2) the damage is not caused by the three-package repairer.

3) without the certificate of three guarantees and valid invoice.

4) the models of the three guarantees are inconsistent with the models of the repaired products or altered.

5) damage caused by force majeure (lightning, rain, natural disasters, etc.).

6) within the term of validity of the three guarantees, if the product fails to meet the warranty conditions and needs to be charged, the warranty card and fee voucher shall indicate the reasons for the failure to meet the warranty conditions and shall be signed by the user for approval.

2. No free repair, replacement or return will be provided within the validity period of the three guarantees under the following circumstances:

1) unable to produce purchase invoice or shopping certificate or warranty certificate, or the warranty certificate is inconsistent with the model number and airframe number of the repaired product or altered.

2) faults and damages caused by repair, disassembly and modification shall be carried out in places other than designated maintenance service sites.

3) failure and damage caused by failure to use, maintain, keep and access of foreign objects as required by the operation manual.

4) faults caused by products not manufactured by the company.

5) failure and damage caused by falling, moving, transportation and other non-product quality reasons after purchase.

6) faults arising from the use of products other than ordinary household use and under harsh conditions (lampblack, dust, damp, direct sunlight, etc.).

7) faults and damage caused by lightning, fire, flood, earthquake, wind and other natural disasters, abnormal voltage, public hazards, chemical erosion and war.

Fees beyond the warranty period and beyond the warranty period are not included in the warranty scope:

1. If the whole machine exceeds the warranty period or the three guarantees period, the maintenance service shall be performed in accordance with the following principles:

1) for products beyond the scope of warranty, inspection fee and accessory fee shall be charged. For remote (over 20 km one way) service, transportation fee shall be charged. The transportation fee shall be calculated as 1 yuan/km one way, and the maximum shall not exceed 1.5 yuan/km.

2) if the whole machine exceeds the period of validity of three packages, but the main components are still within the period of validity of three packages (such as the motor), and the performance failure of main components occurs, no accessory fee or repair fee will be charged.If major parts and non-major parts are damaged at the same time, no inspection and repair fee will be charged, no accessory fee will be charged for major parts, and no accessory fee will be charged for non-major parts.

2. Warranty period after maintenance

The warranty period after the maintenance of the machine that exceeds the warranty period shall be implemented in accordance with the national new three guarantees. After the maintenance of the product that exceeds the warranty period, the product shall be guaranteed to be able to be used normally for more than 30 days. If the failure occurs again within 30 days (no matter what kind of failure), the maintenance fee shall not be charged for the second repair.If it is a fault of the same part, no accessory fee will be charged for replacing the same part. If it is a fault of different parts, the accessory fee will be charged for different parts.

3. Warranty period of parts after maintenance and replacement

1) common parts with unit value less than 30 yuan: for all forward kitchen and sanitary products, the warranty period for common parts is 30 days after the products are repaired beyond the warranty period.

2) parts with unit value more than 30 yuan (including 30 yuan) : after the whole machine exceeds the warranty period, the warranty period of main parts after maintenance and replacement is 3 months, and the warranty period starts from the date of replacement of main parts.If the main components fail again within 3 months, the service provider shall not charge for the inspection and repair fee or the cost for the replacement of the main components.

Customer insurance:

1. The user can go to the point of sale/warranty for warranty procedures with the purchase invoice and warranty list.Each warranty unit should carefully fill in the contents of the warranty sheet, check the contents without error, and affix the warranty unit warranty seal.

2. No user shall be charged for insurance application.


1. Definitions

1) valid warranty certificate:

For the uninsured, the valid warranty certificate is the regular purchase invoice and warranty list.

2) parts: refer to a single part or the composition of multiple single parts.

3) warranty of the whole machine: it refers to the warranty of all parts and components constituting a complete machine (including the accessories and bulbs attached randomly, but excluding the package, instruction manual and warranty card).

4) commercial use: refers to the use of the machine for business premises or for profit purposes.

5) engineering machine: refers to the quantity of more than 5 machine types purchased by a customer.

2.It is strictly prohibited for the seller to make up the invoice (making up the receipt is invalid). If the invoice is made up out of the warranty period, there will be no warranty.If there is any objection to the supplementary invoice, it shall be handled according to the circumstances after verification by the warranty unit.

3.Attachment and giveaway services:

1) all accessories are part of the whole machine, and its warranty shall be implemented according to the policy of the whole machine.

2) the warranty policy of small gifts and gifts belonging to party a shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant national laws of such gifts and gifts.

Warranty policy for household commercial and engineering machines:

1. According to article 2 of the law of the People's Republic of China on the protection of the rights and interests of consumers, "the rights and interests of consumers who need to purchase or use commodities or receive services for daily consumption shall be protected by this law".

2. Warranty policy for domestic machine to commercial machine: if there is an agreement in the sales contract signed by the purchaser and the company, it shall be executed according to the sales contract. If there is no agreement, the warranty period will be 6 months from January 1, 2009 (from the date of purchase).

3. The warranty period of the engineering machine shall be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the company. If the warranty period promised by the "sales unit" exceeds the provisions of the company, the "sales unit" shall pay the after-sales service fee separately.

4. The warranty of special areas shall be subject to the decision of foreground appliances, which shall be separately notified.

5. Before the acceptance of the engineering machine, the relevant costs incurred by the service shall be borne by the "sales unit", such as "installation, commissioning" and other costs.

6. After the acceptance of the engineering machine, its after-sales service shall be undertaken by foreground electric.

7. Under special circumstances, the "sales unit" and "warranty unit" shall be negotiated and solved by the headquarters.