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The choose and buy of domestic gas cooker

First, the customer before the choose and buy must know in which he lived actually use what kind of gas, city gas in China are divided into three categories: the artificial coal gas and natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas, more segments of each type of gas, such as artificial coal gas points 5 r, 6 r and 7 r, and natural gas, 12 t, 13 points and 10 t t, between each other are not interchangeable.Domestic gas stove products are also divided into three categories according to the applicable gas source, so consumers must pay attention to the actual use of their own gas source conditions to choose the corresponding products.Appropriate choice is high grade famous brand product, unfavorable choice the kitchen with low price is provided.Pay attention to the purchase of manufacturers in the local after-sales service products.

Secondly, according to the needs of the family to determine the installation of desktop or embedded kitchen.Table is whole kitchen body is put on a kind of kitchen that support a face to provide, and embedded just as its name implies is the main body that provides a kitchen is embedded below support face.Commonly used table double eyes kitchen commonly at present, ignition means is piezoelectric pottery and porcelain or electric impulse electron strike fire mostly, its exterior is beautiful, wholesome and durable, combustion performance is good, ignition success rate is high, its heat efficiency is a bit higher than embedded kitchen.Two rings of fire hole can be used at the same time or alone, the general heat load size of two rings of fire hole is different, for different needs to choose.High-grade gas stove with flameout protection device, in case of accidental flameout can automatically shut off the air source.Some high-grade gas stove also has boiler head overheating protection device, when the occurrence of overtemperature, control gas valve shut off gas channel, effectively prevent the pot because of overheating and fire accident.

Built-in gas cookers are entering thousands of households in large quantities, because they are luxurious and novel in appearance, easy to install, do not occupy cabinet space, and can meet the high-level needs of customers.Need to pay attention to is, if it is under the kitchen into the wind should be under the cabinet air inlet, in order to have air combustion.Embedded on the market at present is the biggest difference between household kitchen burning gas oven panel material change is bigger, there are two main types of stainless steel and glass, and some products choose enamel, ceramics and other materials, all have their own advantages and disadvantages of various materials, stainless steel material strong and resistant to impact, but after long-term use will be some difference, surface gloss of glass material is beautiful and corrosion resistance and wear resistance, but its heat resistance than stainless steel material is good, can also lead to improper installation and use of burst, the phenomena of the ceramic panel has the advantages of the two products before, but the price is more expensive.Consumer can decide the product of different material of choose and buy according to his hobby.

Additional, the domestic gas stove that the client wants value of load of different heat of choose and buy of family member of the life habit that wants according to oneself and family how many affirmatory choose and buy, Chinese style of common dining habit stir-fry dish needs to use firepower to compare fierce (design heat load is big) gas stove, another fire eye appropriate chooses firepower lesser in order to managing gas.

Finally reminds the general customers, according to the current effective national standard requirements, the embedded household gas stove must have flameout protection safety device, so consumers must pay attention to this point when buying.Due to the special operating conditions of the embedded gas stove, accidental flameout is more likely to occur during its operation, and the flameout protection safety device will play a good protective role.When you buy must pay attention to the flameout protection device a total of three generations.

The first generation is the memory metal protection system which came into the market around 1994.The disadvantage is that the memory metal will be damaged gradually by the action of flame high temperature for a long time.Its thermal inertia is big, easy to produce action lag, can be put out only after the fire 2 minutes many hours just produce an effect, there will be a lot of gas to leak inside this time, danger is relatively bigger.

The second generation is the current market common thermocouple type flameout protection system.The system consists of a thermocouple and a solenoid valve.When the thermocouple is heated, it generates a thermal differential potential, which enters the coil of the solenoid valve to generate a magnetic field that causes the solenoid valve to act.As soon as the flame detected by the thermocouple is extinguished, the potential generated by the thermocouple will soon drop to zero, and the solenoid valve will close the gas valve under the action of the spring.It takes about 10 seconds to warm up when the system starts up, which some customers find inconvenient and unaccustomed.Its flameout time control in 40 seconds or so, there is still a potential for leakage, but not flameout safety protection device than the cooker is much safer.

The third generation is the most advanced ion induction technology.The ion safety flameout protection type gas stove USES the advanced ion flameout protection device, USES the flame electric conductivity, may through the ion probe sense whether the flame is extinguished.If off immediately through the control of the solenoid valve cut off the gas path.It can react up to a tenth of a second, so there is no danger.Such stoves generally ignite very quickly.

Note when choosing, most gas stoves with ion-sensing technology are fully automatic ignition devices. That is to say, the ignition starts after pressing the switch. If the ignition is successful, it will stop immediately.The semiautomatic ignition goes down, rings, and stops.The kitchen in general bazaar is provided without connect air, can know this kitchen to provide fully automatic through the way that again after pressing so.In addition, generally speaking, the ion-sensing stove ignition device and flameout protection device need a 1 battery to power, so this kind of cooker usually needs to install two 1 batteries.An ordinary stove needs only one battery.

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