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The range hood should pay attention to exhaust air volume

A lot of consumer can have such feeling when cooking: although suck lampblack machine to open the biggest, but the lampblack in the kitchen still cannot timely eduction, as a result often suffers the torment of lampblack in the kitchen.To this, the expert of Chinese national electric research institute says, this is the exhaust air quantity of lampblack machine is insufficient be caused by.Experts remind consumers: Chinese food cooking characteristics, leading to the kitchen lampblack comparison, so Chinese family kitchen cooking environment was improved, key depends on the size of the range hood exhaust air volume, consumer is buying machine of oil absorption smoke, in addition to attention to price, appearance, noise, should put the oil absorption of exhaust air as the primary consideration.

As we have learned, in recent years, the big air volume technology of lampblack machine is broken through ceaselessly, air volume technology also became the key that mainstream brand technology competes.And on the noise problem that is quite big in the industry controversy, experts express, the technical index of machine of lampblack mainstream brand already reduced to national mark line greatly below, the control of noise already was in human body comfortable level limits.

At present, by mainstream hutch electric brand participates in the building industry industry standard that compiles "residential whole kitchen" had come on stage.This standard sets the floor space of the kitchen as 22 types, and strictly regulates the equipment and electrical appliances used in the kitchen.Specific to the lampblack machine products, experts agreed that the exhaust air volume is always the core technical indicators of the lampblack machine, the appearance, noise, material is the additional attributes of the lampblack machine.For the high-rise residential users who use public flue, because of the low air pressure in the high-rise, they have higher requirements for exhaust air volume.

Participate in "residential whole kitchen" the relevant person in charge of each chief chef electric enterprise that the standard compiles tells a reporter, machine of lampblack of oil absorption is one of the most important constituent parts in system of residential whole kitchen, also be the key kitchen equipment that consumer must choose and buy.As standard come on stage, the market of lampblack machine will usher in bigger development space.

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