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The difference of side suction lampblack and traditional lampblack machine
A lot of people are in after using lampblack machine, can discover kitchen everywhere is greasy, go down so for a long time, it is very bad to the body, so choose a suitable lampblack machine, it is very important!
Kitchen is the place where we often have to use, as well as with most electrical appliances, take the time to do the food are used lampblack machine, its role is very big in the kitchen, the kitchen lampblack is reduced, so to body health will have security, should know better than secondhand smoke lampblack is, don't want to hurt my family body, there is a good smoke lampblack machine, it is very important.
One, the traditional lampblack machine shortcoming is much
The shortcoming of traditional lampblack machine is more really, general traditional lampblack machine, when we do dish, can inadvertently bump a head.
Hitting your head actually hurts, so it's a pretty unacceptable weakness.
No one wants to bump his head in a good mood and get a headache.
In addition, this lampblack machine will drop oil, smoke effect is not very good, when we cook, if the top of the head of the waste oil accidentally dropped into the dish, it is embarrassing.
Two, side suction type range hood
1, side suction type range hood beautiful fashion
Now more popular side suction type range hood, because the side suction type range hood is very beautiful fashion, combined with a lot of different functions.
So it is also loved by everyone, is now more popular installed this range hood.
Although our kitchen wants neat only ok, but the kitchen also needs beautiful.
The kitchen with full beauty makes people seem to have the desire to eat. If the kitchen is particularly unclean, the food made will not be recognized by everyone.
Like this lampblack machine itself is taking fashionable and beautiful image so, it is to give the kitchen greatly absolutely cent.
2. Good lampblack absorption effect
The lampblack machine of side type, it is exterior above letting a person love not only actually, at the same time the function of its own also is very good.
The mainest function of lampblack machine is to suck lampblack of course, if a lampblack machine does not have the function of sucking lampblack, so it is again good-looking put in that also is useless.
And test range hood, its lampblack absorption effect is very good.
General even if you do not take an apron stir-fry, after the stir-fry you also have no taste, I believe we will be more like.
3, convenient to clean, not easy to hit the head
For the traditional range hood, we all think is not good to clean, and this side suction type range hood and the traditional range hood is different, it is very good to clean, convenient to clean.
We also do not need too much effort, you can clean the range hood clean.
At the same time, let her because the side suction type range hood is not on the top of our head, we will not easily hit the head in the process of using, so it is convenient for us to use, but also enhance our experience.
Three, side suction type hoods of the choose and buy skills
1. See the effect of suction and drainage
A lampblack machine is the most important function of suction platoon lampblack, when the choose and buy the best can field observation under the suction drainage effect of lampblack machine, suction side as compared with other types, closer to the fire, rising lampblack to spread, the area was formed by negative pressure fan suck, therefore, side suction type smoke exhaust effect is better, also should pay more attention for this feature.
2, noise,
Focus on noise when buying.
Open the range hood switch, and the function key for conversion, to see whether the host running state is normal, the noise is in the acceptable range.
3. Whether there is self-cleaning function
Compared with top suction type range hood, side suction type range hood may clean work more complex, so many manufacturers have produced a self-cleaning function side suction type range hood, when the choose and buy may wish to pay attention to whether there is this function, can greatly facilitate our daily use.
4. Oil filter screen
When choosing lampblack machine, please pay attention to the oil filter net, there are diamond, bar, circle and other shapes, the characteristics of each shape are different, some shape of lampblack filter effect is better, some shape is to prevent oil dripping better, etc., we can choose according to their own needs.
5, wind pressure
There is a special fan inside the machine, which can produce a large amount of air, under the action of high pressure, can be conveyed through the pipe to the top floor.
Below normal circumstance, the wind pressure of smoke machine is in 320-350 pa enough, if be, nevertheless, the user that lives in small tall building had better choose 400 pa smoke machine.
6, material
The cigarette machine on the market has two kinds: stainless steel and coating, the advantage of stainless steel is beautiful and easy, and the advantage of coating is easy to do, general wet dishcloth is wiped clean.
Kitchen decoration is very important, because everyone needs to eat three meals a day, people are iron rice is steel, do not eat a meal hungry.
When decorating a kitchen, the mainest is the lampblack problem of the kitchen of course, if the lampblack of the kitchen is too much word, also can be oily dirty everywhere on the wall, clean very hard.
And this side sucks type lampblack machine, the effect that sucks lampblack is better, also won't exist such problem.
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