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Share key points to ensure safe use of disinfection cabinets

1, first of all, understand the disinfection cabinet for the place area requirements;

2. Find a place with standard area, good stability and high level as required;

3. Make sure the selected location is dry and ventilated without direct sunlight;

4. Make sure there is no sundries around the selected position;

5. The disinfection cabinet should be placed away from high temperature and open fire;

6. No flammable and explosive items such as cartons, paper towels and alcohol are allowed around the disinfection cabinet;

7. Make sure that the disinfection cabinet has an independent power supply and is effectively grounded before placement;

8. Before placing the disinfection cabinet, the protective layer such as the plastic sheet outside the disinfection cabinet must be completely removed;

9, disinfection cabinet in place to ensure that the distance from the wall is not less than 30 cm;

10, pay attention to prevent the completion of the disinfection cabinet should be adjusted immediately after the four feet, to ensure that the cabinet is placed firmly;

11. A trial run is recommended after the placement;

12. Make sure the machine is shut down after normal test, and clean the disinfection cabinet before use.

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