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Which kind of electric water heater is good?Comparison of storage type, instant heat type and quick heat type electric water heater

Experts give you analysis of the advantages of instant electric water heater electric water heater series comparison, so that instant electric water heater for you to bring more convenient life.Water heater already became to live in one of necessary electric equipment at present stage, when the weather is cold, wash dish to use water heater more convenient also need not worry about a hand to freeze.Water heater choice market has 4 kinds of big water heater burning gas, solar energy water heater, electric water heater, heat pump water heater (air can water heater), here we do a simple explanation on electric water heater, electric water heater is divided into a few kinds again:

1. Storage electric water heater;

2. Instant electric water heater (also known as rapid electric water heater);

3. Quick heating electric water heater;

Below we do a simple explanation on a few kinds of electric water heater

A: storage electric water heater.The power is generally between 1.1kw and 1.5kw.


1, electric heating, small power, basically can meet the installation and use requirements of any area.

2. The product is relatively safe to use, with water and electricity isolation technology and leakage protection device.

4, environmental protection, no pollutant discharge.


1. Large size, the general household use is 40L, 50L, 60L, 80L, 100L, etc.A lot of family expenses wash bath now is to install inside toilet, very small commonly, installation stores water type electric water heater to take up a space bigger, if did not reserve a space before, installation rises difficulty is bigger.

2, use not convenient, must preheat 30, 60 minutes before bathing, and the electric water heater that store water type also can have a process of electric heating in using a process, hot water is used up hind need preheat afresh, do not suit the life of fast rhythm of present town.

3, not energy saving, in the preheating at the same time also in the heat;Wash bath water temperature to be in commonly between 37, 42 degrees, after washing bath to have the water of 37 degrees of below of at least one jar to be able to waste, often have a part hot water to be able to be wasted after using.If a 40L heat preservation better storage water type electric water heater, 24 hours a day a little hot water need not, also need to consume electricity 1.2 degrees above, and the colder the weather, the greater the power consumption

4, the volume is relatively large, in the maintenance will also produce a certain degree of difficulty.

5, easy to scale, scale, the first, will shorten the service life of the water heater;Second, the thermal efficiency is reduced.

Two: quick - heat electric water heater.The power is generally between 3KW and 5.5kw.Its characteristic is between storage tank type electric water heater and namely hot type electric water heater, at present the awareness of the market is not very tall, do not add explanation here.

Three: namely hot type electric water heater.The power is generally between 4.5 and 8KW.


1, instant hot, 3 seconds hot, no long waiting time, easy to use, follow the "bath", suitable for the fast pace of life in town.

2, small size, easy to install, easy to disassemble.

3, more secure, the age-instant electric water heater series of products control part of the use of intelligent IC chip control technology, the use of water and electricity isolation technology, dry burning protection, and leakage protection device, there is a wall protection, to ensure your personal and property safety.

4, humanized design, the water temperature exceeds 65 degrees, automatically stop heating, to prevent burns.

5, environmental protection, no pollutant discharge.Save energy and save money. According to the "law of conservation of energy", how much hot water is used to consume how much electricity;Electricity prices are relatively stable relative to the soaring price of liquefied natural gas.

9, not easy to form scale, long service life.Because the critical temperature for scale formation is 70 degrees, while the maximum temperature for our shower is usually 45 degrees, and it is flowing water.


1, the power is large, high requirements for the electricity environment, into the line of 2.5 -- 6 square mm copper core wire can be installed;Some users with poor electricity environment need to carry out line transformation and use special lines, which is also an important factor affecting the market share of this product.

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